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A cheating partner will always leave some indications revealing a hidden relationship and it is important for you to know what these signs are.If you observe 4 or more of these signs of a cheating partner, contact us immediately.


01. Major changes in work schedule

Your partner is beginning to return home from work more than 2 hours later than usual, and it gets worse. He or she puts it on a late meeting. This meeting may actually be a meeting with a lover, and you may want to consider some sort of surveillance to find out what is going on.

02. Increased, secretive use of the Internet

The Internet is now an important dating tool for both men and women who want to secretly expand their sexuality. It can be the source of many signs of a cheating partner. If your partner is being unusually secretive about their use of the Internet and emails or is starting to use it more than was the normal habit, you might have a good reason to be suspicious.

03. Time unaccounted for

Your partner is unable to explain where they have been and what they’ve been doing for a period of time. Then this period of time is the one that you should aim for when planning surveillance. If you repeatedly notice this kind of unaccounted for “disappearances”, it could be another sign of a cheating partner.

04. Disappearing phone bills

If you become suddenly unable to find the phone bill when you know it should be in the house, or if you partner won’t let you see it, then this bill is likely to hold compromising information and its disappearance is a potential sign of a cheating partner.

05. Blaming it on your imagination

If your partner fights back when you confront him or her saying “It’s your imagination”, you should consider your suspicions to be well founded and that you might be close to finding the truth about your partner having an affair.

06. Anonymous phone calls and caller hanging up

Anonymous calls suggesting that you should watch your partner more closely can be clear signs of a cheating partner as they can be hidden tips by a friend that knows what is going on, is shocked by it, but doesn’t want to be directly involved. The caller is willing to help you but you have to solve the problem yourself.

Someone calls for your spouse and hangs up. It may be the lover who, in a fit of anger or out of revenge, wants to put your partner in an awkward position by letting you know that you are being cheated

07. Keeping close tabs on the cell phone

If your partner keeps the cell phone attached to the hip all day long, never leaving it within your reach and is using it with unusual secrecy, then it may be that your partner is expecting phone calls that they don’t want you to know about.

08. Loss of interest for sex

As relationships evolve, people may experience changes in their interest for sexual activity, but these changes can also be signs of a cheating partner. If your partner completely withdraws from sex in your relationship then it may be a consequence of an affair going on.

09. Partners suddenly showing a more distant behaviour

Another sign of a cheating partner can be found in a partner’s change in behaviour towards you. A once very attentive partner who showed happiness and interest in you and who is now giving you the cold shoulder and seems annoyed by your presence may be actually having an extra-marital affair. Cheating partners will often become more withdrawn from their spouse.

10. Partner no longer wearing a wedding ring

Your spouse has stopped wearing their wedding ring. The reason may be that you partner wants people to think he or she is single.

11. New sexual techniques

Throughout your relationship you and your partner have always had sex in a certain way but your partner came up, out of the blue, with new sexual techniques. It is quite possible that these techniques were learned during an unconfessed affair.

12. Requesting more “space”

Your relationship seems to be turning sour and your partner tells you that he or she needs his or her space. It could mean that your partner is now resolved to take the next step towards separation.

13. New perfume of unknown origin

New perfumes are also potential signs of a cheating partner. If your partner returns home smelling of a perfume you’re not wearing and you don’t know about, then this smell can be the result of closeness to someone else.

14. Uncharacteristic credit card purchases

If it is unusual for your partner to go shopping and if you suddenly see uncharacteristic purchases on his or her credit card from places where your partner would never shop, then these purchases may actually be gifts destined to someone else and they may be signs of a cheating partner.

15. New style of clothing

If it is usually necessary for you to chose and match all of your partner’s clothes because they can’t do it themselves, and all of a sudden, he or she shows up with a brand new wardrobe, then your partner is quite likely to be trying to impress someone by dressing like that. It is common for cheating partners to drastically change their style of clothing.

16. Sudden working out frenzy

Your partner has been a couch potato for the last 10 years and all of a sudden has decided to start working out like never before. On the one hand, it’s a good thing to get back in shape, but on the other hand it can also be a sign of a cheating partner.
If, for example, your partner has a three-day-a-week work-out regime and starts spending more and more time at the gym, if your partner talks about their hot new friends or their great new trainer, then an affair may be concealed underneath this new habit.

17. Hidden Condoms

If you and your partner are not using condoms, finding a box in the car’s glove compartment is a definite sign of a cheating partner.

18. Being too close to your best friend

If your partner and your best friend become very close with one another and display a level of intimacy and understanding that makes you feel awkward of rejected, if it seems that they are often away or unreachable at the same time, if in addition you have confided in your friend about your marital problems, however outrageous it might seem to you, it could mean that they are starting an affair together.

19. Going on business trips alone

If you and your partner used to take advantage of your partner’s business trips to travel together on the company’s expense and if your partner now claims that you can no longer come along, and on top of that if you find out that your partner’s coworkers don’t have to follow the same rule, then it could be that your partner is taking these opportunities to get away with a lover and that lover can even be someone else working at the same company.

20. Finding new friends

Changes in relationships can be signs of a cheating partner. If you notice that your partner is hanging out with a new group of friends and you are kept away from that particular group, then your partner may be seeking a love relationship with one of them.


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  • A cheating partner will always leave some indications revealing a hidden relationship and it is important for you to know what these signs are.If you observe 4 or more of these signs of a cheating partner, contact us immediately.

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