GPS Tracker for Car

GPS tracker for  car

Our  GPS tracker for car  is a powerful investigative tool. It provides revealing information when your partner:

    • is on the move all day long and you want to know where the person has been and for how long;
    • is driving to a given location while he/she claims to be going somewhere else.

At Private Detective Montreal we convert your computer or mobile device into a GPS Tracker for car. To monitor location of a car , you simply install it  and log on our web site in any browser. It quietly records its locations periodically and uploads to our secured server. Using our GPS Tracker for car, allows you to follow the whereabouts of your partner or  children .  You also use it for business purpose. You can use it to track your employees, or your fleet.

A month or a 15-day location data history is maintained for the paid GPS tracker for car.

You should not make the mistake of thinking that you will save money if you buy your own unit. On the contrary, you would be pouring your money down the drain. Most existing models of GPS tracker for a car  units do not have “real time” tracking capability and are not sufficiently accurate. Generally available units do not have the level of sophistication required by a highly professional investigating firm. In addition to that, most other GPS companies will have you sign up for a yearly contract. We charge no monthly or yearly fees. We offer a one-time fee so you can rent the unit only when and as long as you need it and we take care of all the technical hassle for you.

We only use the most powerful GPS tracking devices available on the market today. Their small, lightweight design packs up an ultra-performance GPS receiver, making them perfectly reliable both indoors and out. Their web-based location reporting interface is the best one you can find.

The GPS tracker for car  units we use at Private Investigator are configured to send automatic location updates, so that you can continuously follow its bearer along his/her whole course. The unit will ping location updates at short intervals (as short as 15 seconds), providing complete real-time tracking. It gives the possibility to stay hot on your partner’s heels while remaining perfectly undetected.

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GPS Tracker for Car

  • GPS Tracker for Car :

    The GPS tracker for car is a powerful investigative tool. It provides revealing information.

    The cost efficiency of the GPS tracker for  car  unit results from its ability to  close a case more quickly.

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